Amazon works on the launch of its points of sale

The electronic commerce platform wants to offer this payment network to its external sellers and its stores

E-commerce leader Amazon is finalizing the creation of its own point of sale system for its physical stores.

The measure will be enabled for all its external sellers, in addition to being handled for physical and online stores.

“This would allow small and medium-sized businesses to unify their management of online and offline channels, including inventory, offer Amazon One for contactless payment recognition and offer a customizable loyalty program that can use the benefits of Prime”, says the company statement.

The innovation is part of an expansion process presented by Amazon, which aims to culminate in the creation of a series of physical stores that would spread throughout the United States, and possibly the rest of the world.

With this movement, it seeks to sell software used by merchants to make payments, verify customers and analyze data, which could offer much more valuable information about the habits of consumers.

K. Tovar

Source: Marketing4ecommerce

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