Venezuela will have four vehicles with Iranian technology

Between September 14 and 18, new cars that will have Iranian technology will be presented in Venezuela

Between September 14 and 18, the presentation of four vehicle models with Iranian technology will take place. The cars will be assembled in Venezuela.

As indicated by the Minister of Transportation, Ramón Velázquez, the company in charge of assembling the vehicle will be Venirauto.

Velásquez assured that the “technological development” that Iran has had, in the midst of sanctions that have wanted to stop the country, are an “example that, despite coercive measures, these things can be done and much more.”

He indicated that 84 Iranian companies and more than 300 Venezuelan companies, mainly from the agri-food sector, will participate in the fair, where business roundtables will also be held.

K. Tovar

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Source: Bancaynegocios

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