Innovation at the service of victims of natural disasters

IBM launched the Call for Code competition through which developers can create assistance applications with artificial intelligence, blockchain and Cloud Data

When natural disasters that affect the safety of people occur, it is urgent to offer help and show solidarity. In this regard, IBM launched the Call for Code competition to bring together aid application developers based on blockchain, artificial intelligence and Cloud Data.

The global competition is called Call for Code Global Challenge. Its objective is to offer innovative answers to the challenges posed by earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, landslides, avalanches and similar.

Participants must submmit their projects to IBM and the group of organizations associated with the contest. They will be able to carry out their projects based on decentralized technology and the support offered by the network.

The web of the organization offers to the participants valuable tools and resources focused on providing help to those affected by a natural, geological or climatic disaster. The support from the UN, American Red Cross, David Clark Cause and Linux Foundation must be highlighted.

Communications and support are vital in situations like these and the applications resulting from this challenge will be put at the service of those affected. The deadline to submit projects is August 31st and the winner will receive the Call for Code Global Prize on October 29 at a charity gala at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.


Source: Checking Ideas

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