Stratis launches new blockchain identity app for mobile

The London blockchain platform offers users friendly solutions to accelerate all processes involved in this technology and in terms of data protection

In order to provide the user with greater data protection, the blockchain platform Stratis has launched its new identity tool that allows payments to be made on its transactions.

The free mobile application (iOS) allows users to manage their identity and print it on Stratis blockchain, in addition to sharing experiences in a secure and verifiable way without compromising confidential personal data.

Stratis Identity is the name of the new tool that promises to increase the potential for companies to securely administer customer identities through cloud-based login services or on the Internet.

Once users download the application to their smartphone, they must create a unique and immutable address in Stratis blockchain. All confirmation of their information is encoded as a customized hash transaction. In this process, no personal information is stored, only metadata that links to their Identity. This reaffirms the security and confidence of customers.

An important fact is that the $ Strat is a cryptographic token of free commercialization in open bags. The blockchain is based on Bitcoin’s consensus algorithm, which is why it is considered one of the most reliable and safe at present.


Source: Blockchain News

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