Mozilla adds a cryptojacking blocking to Firefox

The company made an alliance with the company Disconnection to prevent hackers from taking advantage of hardware resources to make profits

The developers of the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser released the new update with the possibility now to block cryptojacking and crypto mining from the computer.

In an official statement they indicated that Mozilla partnered with the web privacy firm Disconnect, with those who managed to develop a cryptocurrency mining blocker for its users.

This measure was applied in order to prevent hackers from taking advantage of the hardware resources of customers’ computers, in order to obtain profits with cryptocurrency mining.

The company explained that to activate the function, users must click on the icon ‘i’, located in the address bar and access to Content Lock, where they must click on the gear located on the right side.

Another way to activate protection against cryptojacking is through Preferences> Privacy and Security, and access the Content Block at the top.

Despite the drop in the market of cryptocurrencies in 2018, something that directly impacted on cryptojacking, the recent recovery of bitcoin has once again boosted the market value of this entire sector.

K. Tovar

Source: Mozilla

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