Google Travel filters accommodation and transfer providers with zero carbon emissions

Through the Google search engine, travelers can book a hotel with an ecological certificate or buy a train ticket in companies with lower carbon dioxide emissions

In a recent post on its official blog, Google announced that eco-conscious travelers who are interested in booking a zero-carbon hotel, or using a low-emission train company, can now do so via from Google Travel.

The fight to minimize emissions of carbon dioxide into the environment by the tourism industry has led companies linked to this sector to invest in new technologies, initiatives that help reduce the emission of pollutants and allow increased traveler engagement.

Google Travel has made new search tools available to the public that direct them to select more sustainable trips. This means that the lists of options when searching for a train company or a hotel will show if they are “zero emissions” or close to it.


When doing the search, the “Emissions” filter is activated, which strategically groups offers with low emissions. According to the publication on the official Google blog, the filter applies to hotels, directing the client towards those with an ecological certificate.

In Europe, specifically in Spain, Italy and Germany, the direct purchase option of the train ticket through the Google search engine is now available. These nations are joined by Japan, in Asia, where it is also possible to purchase the train ticket.

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