More than 620,000 devices affected by a subscription Trojan

A team of researchers found the Trojan, which is embedded in different photo-editing applications

A team of researchers discovered a new subscription trojan called Fleckpe that is embedded in various photo-editing apps listed on the official Google Play store and downloaded on more than 620,000 devices.

Subscription Trojans are variants that infiltrate smartphones under the guise of legitimate applications that subscribe to payment services without users being aware of it.

This malware, which has been active since 2022, managed to get into applications that offer filters for photos and wallpapers, such as Beauty Slimming Photo Editor or Photo Effect Editor.

This was explained by Kaspersky researchers, who have indicated that they have noticed a total of 11 applications infected by Fleckpe on Google Play, which have been installed on more than 620,000 devices.

Other applications affected by this malware include Gif Camera Editor Pro, Night Cam Rea Pro, Microclip Video Editor, Toolbox Photo Editor, H4KS Wallpaper, and Beauty Camera Plus Photo Editor.

The cybersecurity company assured that the application store has removed these applications “as soon as the report was published” in which it determined that they were dangerous. However, from Kaspersky they announce that “malicious actors could have implemented other applications not yet discovered.”

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Muha Ajjan, Unsplash)

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