Android will allow scheduling messages

The new update of the operating system will now allow its users the possibility of configuring messages for automatic sending

Google announced a new update for Android, which includes among its new functions the ability to schedule text messages.

This early delivery will allow the user to write a message in advance and thus send it when deemed convenient. This option is ideal for those who have contacts in different time zones.

The use of this function is simple. The Android user must compose his message as usual and then, by pressing and holding the “send” button, he will be shown the options to choose the date and time to send.

In addition to this function, Google incorporated the possibility of verifying passwords, something that will allow people to know which keys have been compromised.

Not only does the tool reveal which of your passwords have been compromised, but it will also show you what to do about it. To enable it, you just need to turn on AutoComplete. To do this, go to the Settings menu> System> Languages ​​and input> Advanced, and select Autocomplete.

K. Tovar

Source: Tekcrispy

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