FC Barcelona launches Barça Vision, a platform for Web3, NFT’s and metaverse

FC Barcelona launched the 'Barça Vision' platform, to bring together all the initiatives associated with 'Web3', 'NFT's' and the metaverse. He also announced his own 'WhatsApp Channel' channel.

FC Barcelona announced on Monday the launch of ‘Barça Vision’, the platform under which it wants to group all the initiatives associated with ‘Web3’, ‘NFT’s’ and the metaverse that until now were under the trademark ‘Bridgeburg Invest’, a subsidiary of ‘Barca Studios’.

According to the Barça team, ‘Barça Vision’ “will be a fundamental part of the club’s strategy to build the ‘Espai Barça Digital’ and bring together the digital community of fans of FC Barcelona from all over the world, with a focus on ‘Gen alpha’, ‘Gen Z’ and ‘Millennials'”. FC Barcelona will make a public presentation of its new platform this Wednesday June 21 at the ‘Museu Immersiu’.

In addition, the club chaired by Joan Laporta also presented its own ‘WhatsApp Channel’ this Monday, the new functionality of the platform that allows notifications to be sent directly to the members who follow it.

“This is a simple, secure and private way to receive news from the club, directly in ‘WhatsApp’ and it is a functionality that is already available in Singapore and Colombia, although in the coming weeks it will be extended to other territories until it is available for all parts of the world”, indicated the FC Barcelona.

He recalled that it was one of the few sports entities that collaborated with ‘WhatsApp’ for the launch of ‘WhatsApp Channels’ and the only football club that appeared in the presentation video blog and in the different communications to the media launched by the platform. “This is just one example of FC Barcelona’s leadership in each of its profiles on the social networks where it is present and its community is constantly growing”, he stressed.

The ‘WhatsApp Channel’ is a one-way transmission tool for administrators to send text, photos, videos, stickers and surveys. The channels will appear in a new tab called ‘Updates’, where the statuses and channels that the user wants to follow will be, separated from the rest of the chats with family, friends and communities.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Fikri Rasyid, Unsplash)

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