Cryptocurrency expert denounces that the SEC hinders the development of blockchain technology

The SEC has recently taken different actions against several cryptocurrency exchanges that hinder the market in the US

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission took legal action against Binance and Coinbase, raising questions about whether these actions are isolated or part of a deliberate move against the crypto space by the US regulator.

Regarding this situation, Fernando Molina, Co-founder of BlockWorldTour and Territorio Blockchain, shared his point of view in an interview.

Molina stated that the SEC seeks to stop the development of blockchain technology and affect the cryptocurrency market by directly manipulating the price of digital assets. This creates uncertainty about the legality of operating with these assets.

In this sense, he considers that it is necessary to have legal instruments that protect the interests of investors, users and developers. Molina agrees with other players in the ecosystem that regulation is necessary for a more solid development of the industry, providing clear rules for all parties involved.

The interviewee highlights the MiCA Law in Europe as a boost for investment and innovation in the cryptographic field. He believes that this law should encourage investment and innovation, insuring not only individuals and companies, but also public and private institutions. Although he acknowledges that the MiCA Law will not solve all problems, he considers it an important step towards establishing a regulatory framework that allows the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through necessary investments.

Molina criticizes the actions of the SEC and is confident that the regulation of cryptographic services is part of the solution for the growth of the industry. He is of the opinion that entities like the SEC should not have the authority to arbitrarily decide on the nature of blockchain-based projects.

The BlockWorldTour CEO emphasizes that the security of investments and their protection are fundamental in the regulation of this new economy. He also stresses the importance of providing an enabling environment so that start-ups can grow without facing surprises that lead to closure and loss for investors.


Source: Cointelegraph

(Reference image source: Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash)

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