European Commission will intensify the fight against crimes due to hate messages on the Internet

The European Commission will intensify the fight against crimes that are motivated by hate messages spread over the Internet

Through a statement from the European Commission this Wednesday, the organization confirmed that it will intensify the fight against crimes that are committed by hate messages disseminated over the Internet.

The immediacy of the content that users publish on social networks has caused unfortunate confrontations between populations, particularly due to differences in religion, race or sexual orientation.

“Europe is experiencing an alarming increase in hate speech and hate crimes, and evidence shows that the Jewish and Muslim communities have been particularly affected,” the EC statement said.

According to the organization, the budget allocated for the protection of places of worship will be increased, which includes an increase of 5 million euros (5.4 million dollars) that will allow action against the threats of growing anti-Semitism.

Online hate speech, as well as illegal threats, is another area where the rules will be intensified. To do this, they have “a code of conduct signed with Internet platforms, which will be finalized in the next three months, in addition to the stricter regulation for large online platforms that was introduced earlier this year in the Law of Digital Services.”

This document dates back to 2016, when the platforms Facebook, X (former Twitter), YouTube, as well as Microsoft committed to fighting against the promotion of hate on the Internet. Then TikTok, LinkedIn and Instagram joined.


Source: finanzasdigital

(Reference image source: Thomas Lefebvre, Unsplash)

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