IDAX CEO disappears with cold wallet keys

The company has not yet stated on the return or reimbursement of the assets involved in this new case of "exit scam"

This Friday were confirmed rumors of the disappearance of  IDAX cryptoexchange CEO. The company is in serious problems due to this new case of “exit scam” as it is called the subtraction of the private keys of cold wallets.

IDAX Global had been going through a situation that restricted its stability. Massive transactions carried out collapsed their systems, which led to nervousness of Chinese investors.

The instability extended to the workforce, where mass layoffs occurred. As if that were not enough, IDAX had decided to leave the American and Canadian markets due to its strong regulatory measures as well as the Chinese market because of the repression.

The truth is that the CEO of the platform vanished carrying the private keys of the cold wallets. Consequently, the private keys of the exchange were transferred to the co-founder and CEO of IDAX Global, Lei Guorong, who has not given information about the return of the assets to its users.

IDAX Pro, meanwhile, remains active and users can perform operations. However, the situation seriously affects the company by positioning its token (IT) with a value of “0” and leaving it virtually inactive.



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