El Salvador will include content about Bitcoin in school programs

The country is advancing in the adoption of cryptocurrencies and training in this area, through a pilot project that would allow content about Bitcoin to be included in school programs

El Salvador announced the My First Bitcoin (MPB) pilot project for the education sector, with which the Ministry of Education will include content about Bitcoin in school programs in 2024.

The non-profit program has been in a trial period since last September 7,w “ith 150 teachers from 75 public schools who were taught basic content related to Bitcoin.”

The teaching staff has the support and advice of specialists from Bitcoin Beach, another Bitcoin project. Once they are trained, the teachers will return to the schools with the necessary knowledge to teach subjects about Bitcoin to the students.

“The goal of teaching about Bitcoin and its benefits to the underbanked and underserved is not only limited to El Salvador, the first government to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Therefore, although the MPB project began in El Salvador, its objective is to expand its reach to other nations.”

Based on the results of the pilot plan, the MPB program will be extended to all schools in 2024.


Source: cripto247

(Reference image source: Kanchanara, Unsplash)

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