Through Bancamiga Online you can comfortably pay for Corpoelec’s electricity service

Starting this Tuesday, September 12, Bancamiga customers can keep their electricity service up to date in the states of Zulia, Falcón, Mérida, Lara, Táchira, Trujillo, Distrito Capital, Miranda and La Guaira, in a quick and easy way

With the purpose of offering more and more facilities to its clients, from now on Venezuelans can cancel Corpoelec electricity bills and keep this important service up to date, through Bancamiga en Línea.

In a first phase, clients from the states of Zulia, Falcón, Mérida, Lara, Táchira, Trujillo, Distrito Capital, Miranda and La Guaira will have this advantage, it was reported in a statement from the financial institution.

The affiliation process is easy and fast. Go to, Payment of services, select the Corpoelec image and complete the requested information.

The Executive President of Bancamiga Banco Universal, Ariel José Martínez, described this alliance with Corpoelec as very positive, by offering a new option through Bancamiga Online that contributes to facilitating and improving the quality of life of Venezuelans.

Corpoelec joins Movistar, Digitel, Cantv, Inter and Simple TV as the services that can be paid for through Bancamiga en Línea.

He recalled that within the framework of this alliance, Bancamiga also opened to the public in July an external ticket office at the Corpoelec Maracaibo headquarters, located on Paul René Moreno Camacho Avenue, the main building in the northern area of ​​Maracaibo, in the state. Zulia, in order to make the bank’s facilities available to the Zulia, who already has an agency in the state capital.

Bancamiga meets the needs and expectations of Venezuelans

And it is essential for Bancamiga to provide facilities that meet the needs and expectations of Venezuelans. For this reason, through its versatile points of sale, in alliance with Soluciones Integrales Tecnológica SITCA, and through its innovative Bancamiga Suite application, payments and recharges for an endless number of services can also be made.

Thus, with the incorporation of Corpoelec, Bancamiga reaffirms its interest in offering easy, comfortable and secure solutions for its clients and the public.

With information from Bancamiga

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