The United States could unlock USD 3 billion destined for Venezuela

In the coming weeks, the United States plans to release the sum of USD 3,000 million to Venezuela with the purpose of facilitating the way for negotiations between the ruling party and the opposition

The United States government plans to release $3 billion belonging to Venezuela in the coming weeks, according to information from sources with knowledge of the negotiation.

This potential unlocking could pave the way to resume negotiations between the democratic opposition and the government of Nicolás Maduro in Mexico, which had been suspended since November last year.

Response to legal concerns

UN Secretary-General António Guterres had previously expressed concerns about potential legal complications in the process, but the “special diplomatic protection” the United States provides to the assets appears to have allayed such concerns.

Funds Release Agreement

Gerardo Blyde, head of the Unitary Platform delegation in the talks with the ruling party, had indicated in November last year that the agreement signed contemplated the release of 3,000 million dollars that were blocked due to sanctions.

Taken and with information from Doble Llave

(Reference image source: Aditya Vyas, Unsplash)

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