El Salvador approves creation of the digital asset issuance law

A group of Salvadoran deputies approved this Monday, with eight votes in favor, the creation of a law on digital assets for their regulation and protection

El Salvador has been in the tip of the iceberg since the adoption of Bitcoin as a national circulation asset. Now it is moving towards the creation of the Digital Assets Issuance Law, for its regulation, protection and commercialization.

This Monday the proposal was voted in parliament, obtaining the necessary votes and the support of the Economic Commission of El Salvador. The objective of the instrument will be the regulation of all operations with digital assets in the issuance of public offerings.

It was revealed that the “public offers may be made by the State, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Reserve Bank, autonomous institutions, as well as private natural and legal persons.” The National Digital Assets Commission will act as the governing body.

Josué Merlos, superintendent of commercial obligations stressed: “It is not that it is going to be handled with Bitcoin, the text of the law does not say so; however, it is a denomination that probably has an objective of continuing to promote the use of bitcoin for the benefit of tourism, for example.”


Source: diario.elmundo.sv

(Reference image source: Credit: Eivind Pedersen on Pixabay)

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