Duolingo will now have math classes

The learning app will add a new type of teaching to its content, by including mathematics

Duolingo will have new services in its learning app adding music lessons, with which users can learn “fun and familiar” melodies, as well as its Duolingo Math expansion with interactive exercises.

The platform, known for its free lessons for learning more than 30 languages such as English, Italian or German, intends to update itself by introducing a multi-subject experience within its app.

To do this, as the company announced in a video, in addition to Duolingo languages, it will introduce music and mathematics lessons on its platform, so that users can learn these new subjects from the bases with its method of short and free lessons. .

In the case of music learning, Duolingo said it will implement hundreds of lessons and more than 200 “fun and familiar” melodies. Thus, users will be able to carry out exercises to learn to read sheet music and play music, either from their mobile devices or from the computer.

On the other hand, the math lessons come from its Duolingo Math expansion, which was already announced by the company in October of last year. Now, users will be able to do interactive math exercises from the same ‘app’.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Duolingo, dpa)

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