Donald Trump adopts a more flexible stance on Bitcoin

In 2021 Donald Trump called Bitcoin a scam. In an interview with Fox News, he seems to be more open to cryptocurrencies now. There is speculation that it may be a tactic to recruit voters

In an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump pointed out that the adoption of cryptocurrencies has grown, Bitcoin holders are seeing good results and that he can possibly live with that in one way or another.

Trump, who in 2021 was against bitcoin and considered it a “scam,” said in an interview for Fox News this Friday that cryptocurrencies have taken on “a life of their own.”

He added that it is increasingly common for people to want to pay with BTC.

What seems like a more flexible position towards the crypto market has raised comments that point to a political strategy ahead of the presidential elections in the United States this year.

There is speculation that it could be a changing perspective to attract followers and voters. With these statements, Trump could undoubtedly influence the American political environment.

It is important to note that during the interview Trump stressed on several occasions his preference for the dollar, the national currency, of which he speaks with respect.


Source: morocotacoin

(Reference image source: Kanchanara at Unsplash)

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