Slack launches video clips as an alternative to business meetings

With this function, the pressure of work schedules can be reduced. The messages can be played in an accelerated or slowed manner and respond in any format

The professional communication application Slack has introduced its new feature of ‘clips’, a format of video, audio or screen recordings that users can send to others by direct messages to reduce dependency and pressure on meeting agendas. I work remotely so coworkers can hear the message and respond at their own pace and in whatever format they prefer.

Slack has presented the novelties that will be coming to its platform in the coming months within the framework of the Dreamforce event, aimed at promoting work in digital format, as reported through a statement.

Slack clips can be played at slow or fast speeds, and transcripts can be viewed in real time or skipped to parts of the clip based on text. This feature started rolling out this Tuesday and will reach all paid users in the fall.

The platform has also included Slack Connect, its alternative to email that seeks to reduce phishing attacks, to allow contact not only between paid users, but also free.

Slack has also introduced GovSlack, a version specifically aimed at the public sector with a certified security-level cloud environment, including FedRAMP High and DoD IL4 certifications. GovSlack will be launched in 2022.

Source: dpa

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