Lima Stock Exchange authorized investments in spot Bitcoin ETFs

The Lima Stock Exchange gave the green light to investments in Bitcoin ETFs from BlackRock, VanEck and Invesco

As another step in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the Lima Stock Exchange (Peru) has authorized residents and companies in the country to invest in Bitcoin ETFs from BlackRock, VanEck and Invesco.

On January 11, spot bitcoin ETFs began operating in the United States, after a controversial wait. With the measure of the Peruvian government, the first ETFs based on spot Bitcoin are mobilized in the territory.

According to recent reports, “BVL users can now trade shares of BlackRock (IBIT), VanEck (HODL) and Invesco (BTCO) funds, which have direct exposure to Bitcoin and are listed on the main US exchanges.”

It is important to highlight that in a highly competitive market, it is the products of these firms that concentrate the greatest volume of capitalization and income.

Now, institutional and natural investors in Peru have an investment mechanism associated with cryptocurrencies, which are not regulated in the South American country.

Consequently, it is understood that there are no laws that regulate the use and trade of cryptocurrencies, nor a legal framework to punish associated financial crimes.

What currently governs in Peru is a legislative decree enacted in 2023 that obliges “digital currency exchanges to provide user information to the country’s Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF).”


Source: diariobitcoin

(Reference image source: Dmytro Demidko at Unsplash)

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