Costa Rica will receive disbursements of USD 510 million from the IMF

Costa Rica's economic performance was evaluated and approved on Friday by the International Monetary Fund, with which it will receive a disbursement of USD 510 million

On Friday, April 12, the International Monetary Fund concluded a review of Costa Rica’s economic performance, which concluded with the approval of two loans amounting to USD 510 million.

The IMF technical mission issued a statement announcing the agreement with the Costa Rican authorities “for the conclusion of the sixth review of the loan called the Extended Facility (SAF) and the third review of the agreement known as the Resilience and Sustainability Facility (SRS).”

The agency said: “Subject to the approval of the IMF Executive Board, compliance with the sixth review in the context of the SAF will make available approximately $270 million, while compliance with the reform measures programmed in the SRS will make available approximately 240 million dollars.”

It is important to clarify that the SAF and the SRS are loans for USD 1,778 million and USD 725 million, respectively. For its approval, the IMF technical mission held meetings with economic authorities, deputies and members of civil society, including private sector organizations and academics from Costa Rica.


Source: investing

(Reference image source: Vladimir Solomianyi in Unsplash)

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