Venezuelan National Assembly ratifies Juan Guaidó as its president

Opposition deputies re-elected Guaidó with majority of votes on May 27

The National Assembly of Venezuela ratified this Wednesday, May 27, Juan Guaidó as its president. The opposition deputies issued the decision by majority of votes.

In relation to this voting process, the results were published two days later on the AN website. The deputies stressed that the body “has the necessary quorum” and “the majority with which the Board of Directors chaired by the deputy Juan Guaidó was elected.”

It should be noticed that the democratic group rejected again the recent ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), which placed Luis Parra in command of the National Constituent Assembly.

It is important to recall that at the beginning of the year, on January 5, Juan Guaidó could not enter the NA headquarters for the election of the new parliamentary directive. However, on that occasion “he was re-elected in a parallel session, which took place at the headquarters of a printed news, in which 100 of the 167 deputies who make up the chamber expressed him their support.”


Source: radiorumbos

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