Costa Rica will invest in green energy

The country received a loan of 500 million dollars from the Inter-American Development Bank for sustainable projects

The Inter-American Development Bank granted a loan of 500 million dollars to Costa Rica to invest in renewable energy, digitalization of processes as well as to boost electric transport.

Through a press release to the national media, the government reported that with the money from the IDB they will build geothermal plants in volcanoes located to the north. In addition, official sources indicated that they are fighting for the decarbonization of their economy.

Costa Rica produces about 99% of electrical energy from renewable sources. In fact, in 2017 marked a milestone in the history of the continent to achieve 300 days of 100% clean energy. Recently, the country joined the International Renewable Energy Agency, which already has 158 members.

The projects to which the funds granted by the IDB will be used include the digitization of public services throughout the national territory.

In addition, the Costa Rican authorities want to boost electric transport that is already a reality in the United States, Germany and Asia.


Source: La Prensa

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