MyRoom platform for hotel reservation is launched

It allows customers to book their rooms through augmented reality

Technology is one of the main allies of the world tourism industry. There are several processes that have been automated to facilitate the procedures for the traveler. Recently, the MyRoom platform based on augmented reality was launched. It allows customers to select their room according to their preferences.

Through this platform developed by the Koridor company, guests are offered an unforgettable and totally technological experience with 3D images to appreciate the benefits of the hotel of their interest and select the room they like.

Larry Hall, CEO of Koridor, has underlined the importance of MyRoom on the road to personalization of customer service and brand positioning. Loyalty is an aspect of great value for the hotel sector.

MyRoom allows you to make a virtual tour of the hotel facilities of your choice. For their part, hotel owners can design plans that are practically tailored to each traveler.

The platform is a valuable tool that allows a closer approach to customer preferences, create emotional connections with guests, track consumer behavior and optimize facilities and services.


Source: TecnoHotel

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