Computer forensics gains relevance in a digitized world

The role of a forensic expert in a trial can be decisive in catching cybercriminals, hackers and digital fraudsters. It is part of the objectives of computer forensics

Cybercriminals know the importance of the data uploaded daily on the Internet, and their attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Given the increase in crimes such as phishing, scams, ransomware, the fact of having an advisor in computer forensics becomes more relevant.

The role of a forensic expert is to collect all the pertinent electronic information in a particular case. You must obtain and analyze said data, in addition to processing and presenting it in court, if applicable.

Its function is based on the meticulous investigation of digital evidence, in search of clues to establish responsibilities in a cyber crime.


forensic computer


Computer forensics collects data such as emails, messages sent by the WhatsApp social network, text messages, digital files, documents with electronic signatures.

In this discipline, as in any other, scientific techniques are studied for collecting electronic evidence, keeping files in custody, preserving content, among others.

Faced with some gaps in information and regulation in cybersecurity, computer experts consider it necessary for both companies and individuals to redouble efforts to protect their data, through backup copies, careful selection of the information they share and store, carry out audits, establish firewalls, strengthen their passwords, among the most common recommendations.


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