Latest version of Google Chrome for tablets improves search

The next version of Google Chrome for tablets offers the user a better layout of tabs as well as optimization in search

Google has announced the release of a new version of Google Chrome that introduces productivity-focused improvements, such as a new split-screen layout that makes it easier to find tabs while browsing, and tab groups, coming soon to your browser.

The company has reported that these developments are now available on all Android tablets and that they will then arrive at the first Pixel tablet, whose launch is expected in 2023.

One of the notable features of this update, which introduces functionalities aimed at improving productivity, is the introduction of split screen, which improves navigation between tabs.



With this new design, Google allows you to navigate between tabs by sliding your fingers on the navigation bar. Also, it introduces an auto-scroll back feature, which helps users to go back to the previous tab.

On the other hand, the company has reported that it will hide the close window button in order to avoid inadvertent closings when the windows are small (if several are open at the same time).

It has also introduced a new preview of tabs arranged in a grid, to improve the search for the desired tab without the need to consult all the web pages that are open.

Users will also be able to easily save content while browsing with a single gesture, that is, by dragging images, text and links from the Google Chrome browser to other applications. Among them, Gmail, Photos or Keep (notes).

Google has also stressed that from now on, it is possible on tablets with Android operating system to choose the desktop mode of a web page. That way, they can use features that are not available in the web versions whenever they want.

Finally, the company has indicated that groups of tabs, which allow greater organization and a more intuitive experience, will soon arrive at tablets that use Chrome.

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Source: dpa

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