Android apps will hit the Microsoft Store in 2021

The technology company prepares a series of novelties for Windows that it will begin to implement next year

The technology company plans to launch two Windows 10 updates next year, but they will not be the same, because, as they explain in Windows Central, the one in autumn 2021 will be more important, since with it will come new features and a redesigned interface.

Also, the company will distribute next year a Windows 10 emulator on ARM for x86 64 bit applications. And the Android applications for Windows 10 are expected to reach the Microsoft Store, according to sources close to these plans to the aforementioned medium.

Windows 10X, the version of the operating system designed for two-screen computers, will also work on single-screen computers, after the company announced in May a shift in focus so that these computers could also take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud.

Now, and according to Windows Central, the first device with Windows 10X will arrive in the first half of 2021, with its availability initially scheduled for Christmas this year. Specifically, they point to a launch in spring.

Finally, Windows will distribute a new cloud service next year, called Cloud PC. It would be a cloud solution for Windows 10 and 10X that would allow users to use streaming applications on different devices. It will be integrated into Microsoft 365.

Source: dpa

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