Chile offers the most-equal Internet access in LA

It is estimated that 98 % of the population, from all social strata, has access to the Internet in Chile. Which places it as the country with the most-equal access to the network

The inequality gap in Internet access is narrowing in Chile, where recent estimates conclude that 98 % of the population has access to the network.

Chile is thus positioned as the Latin American nation with the most-equal access to the Internet, where the majority of citizens, from all social strata, have an Internet connection.

Beyond efficiency or structural failures, Chile is ahead of other countries, such as Paraguay, where according to digital development figures from ECLAC, only 12 % of poor households have access to the Internet.

Data indicates that 94 % of the poorest households and 98 % of the wealthiest have access to the Internet.

This characteristic favors greater openness and proximity of the population “to education, employment, information, culture and recreation.” Thus guaranteeing an important right of the population.


Source: eleconomista

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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