Bancamiga reaffirms its support for the Andean region and western Venezuela

Agency number 45 is located on Bolívar Avenue, between 18th and 19th streets, Las Acacias shopping center, Valera

Bancamiga continues to promote the development of the Venezuelan Andes and the west of the country, by inaugurating its first agency in the state of Trujillo this Tuesday, February 27.

With two branches in the states of Mérida (El Vigía and Mérida) and two others in Táchira (San Cristóbal and Barrio Obrero), Bancamiga Banco Universal now adds Valera, located in one of the most important cities in the region and in a state that is characterized by having a diversified economy.

The president of the Board of Directors of the institution, Carmelo De Grazia, indicated that from this town, considered the commercial capital of Trujillo, “we are going to promote the banking access of more Venezuelans, offer business opportunities and promote the development of a state of which many of the vegetables, legumes and coffee consumed in Venezuela come from.

He said that the bank’s 45th agency will be an ally for fundamental economic sectors such as agriculture, livestock and commercial sectors.

Located on Bolívar Avenue, between 18th and 19th streets, Las Acacias shopping center, location 16-A, the agency will offer financial solutions that meet the needs of clients such as their accounts in bolivars and dollars, the Exchange Desk and the Bancamiga Mastercard Debit Card, which allows you to make online purchases and pay at points of sale inside and outside the country, explains a statement from the financial institution.

Trujillo residents will also approach the Bancamiga POS, which in alliance with Soluciones Integrales Tecnológica SITCA, are the most modern and versatile on the market, offering the possibility of paying and recharging telephone and TV services, stamping 5 and 6, playing the lottery and settlements to businesses are made daily, regardless of Sundays or holidays.

Bancamiga: among the first banks in the financial system

The executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez, said that the Valera agency will carry out operations to bank all those who wish to do so.

“We are among the first banks in the national financial system for having innovative products and services that we will now put in the hands of the inhabitants of Valera, La Puerta, Escuque, Isnotú, Betijoque, Sabana de Mendoza, Jajó, Boconó, Tuñame, la Mesa of Esnujaque and the capital city Trujillo, among other locations,” he added.

Based on a specific program of policies and strategies, and knowing the needs of the market, Bancamiga opened Lechería, in Anzoátegui, last week, and this Thursday it will inaugurate the Cumaná agency, in Sucre.

With Valera, the banking institution reaches its 69th service point, which includes 45 agencies, 19 non-banking MRW points, two Associated Lockers, two External Lockers and the Bancamiga Móvil unit.

With information and reference images from Bancamiga

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