Candidates for the presidential elections in Venezuela

The National Electoral Council closed the registration period for candidates for the presidential elections on July 28 on Monday, March 25, admitting 13 applications

The National Electoral Council of Venezuela admitted this Monday, March 25, 13 nominations for the presidential elections that will take place in the country on July 28.

Nominations for the presidential elections on #28Jul

Nicolás Maduro

Current president of the Caribbean nation, for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV, was nominated with the support of all the parties that make up the Great Patriotic Pole.

Manuel Rosales

Currently, governor of the state of Zulia, in the west of the country, nominated by his party, Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT). He obtained support from the Fuerza Vecinal party.

Antonio Ecarri

Venezuelan lawyer, nominated before the CNE by the Alianza del Lápiz and Avanzada Progresista parties.

Enrique Márquez

The application of the 61-year-old engineer was supported by the Centrados party card, previously annulled, but which was enabled at the last minute.

Daniel Ceballos

In the midst of a controversial situation, he was nominated by his party, the newly created Arepa, and with the Voluntad Popular Party (VP) card.

Luis Eduardo Martínez

The parliamentarian from the ruling AN was nominated for the Venezuelan presidential elections by the judicialized faction of Democratic Action (AD), the Republican Movement (MR) and Red Flag (BR).

Juan Carlos Alvarado

The Copei Party, intervened by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), nominated Alvarado.

Claudio Fermín

Presidential candidate in other electoral processes, Fermín was nominated by the Solutions Party.

Benjamin Rausseo

Lawyer, comedian, known in the media as “Er Conde del Guácharo” was nominated by his National Democratic Confederation Party (Conde).

Javier Bertucci

Christian pastor, former candidate for the 2018 presidential election, was nominated by the El Cambio Party.

Jose Brito

His application for the #28Jul electoral process was made official by the Primero Venezuela, Venezuela Unida and Unidad Visión Venezuela parties.

Luis Ratti

He was nominated by the Popular Democratic Right Party, as an independent candidate.

Edmundo González

The Venezuelan diplomat who has been Venezuela’s ambassador to Argentina and Algeria was nominated for the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) card.

Now, between March 28 and April 1, the National Electoral Council must review the nominations of candidates for the presidential elections as well as report the result of the process to know which were accepted and which were rejected.


With information from Voz de América, Doble Llave and national media

(Reference image source: @cneesvenezuela, archive)

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