Maersk suspends its Red Sea route

The decision was made due to the recent attacks perpetrated by Houthis on vessels of the Danish shipping company Maersk, which culminated in a ship sinking and the death of three crew members due to the attack on another ship

The Danish shipping company Maersk announced this Wednesday the company’s decision not to cover the route through the Red Sea as a result of the attack on its vessels by the Houthis, which caused the sinking of a ship and the death of three crew members on another ship.

According to Maersk, the risk to its personnel and vessels when sailing through the Red Sea is too high. With the decision, there will be a delay and increase in the cost of shipments to Europe and North America.

“This is the case, for example, in the life sciences sector, where electronic parts are used in the manufacturing of medical devices, or in the automotive industry, which is highly dependent on the supply of essential components from Asia (approximately 70 %). of the pieces pass through the waters of the Red Sea)”, according to Marketing4ecommerce.

Regarding the events that led to the decision, it is known that the Rubymara ship was sunk, creating risks for people and the environment. Following this, there were Houthi attacks on the ship True Confidence, where three crew members were killed.

The European Union immediately launched security operation Aspides, with the aim of escorting merchant ships crossing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, and being able to guarantee their safety.

The Danish Maersk has indicated that the naval mission is positive, but considers that “the level of risk in the region remains high.”

The changes in the route that must be applied for the following shipments will take time, since the company must guarantee that they can be maintained over time. In this period, Maersk “has reestablished a transpacific service from China to the East Coast of the United States, and hopes that restrictions will be relaxed in the Panama Canal, which has reduced the passage of cargo ships due to the current drought. area.”


Source: marketing4ecommerce

(Reference image source: Wolfgang Weiser in Unsplash)

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