Black Friday offers paying with bitcoin

Black Friday is an American tradition that has spread all over the world. It opens Christmas shopping season with huge discounts at many shops and stores

During Black Friday stores open at very low prices but that forces customers to get up early to be the first, make huge queues to pay and suffer scrapes with other people for some products.

Bitcoin is not far behind and for several has also joined the celebration with an advantage: customers do not need to leave their house to enjoy the discounts but  take advantage of them by typing from their computer while having a coffee.

The Bitcoin Black Friday page gathers all the businesses on discounts to those who pay with bitcoin.

Bitcoin Black Friday is a one-day event that brings together bitcoin merchants and users on that website. The merchants simply list their exclusive bitcoin offers and users can check all the offers in one place.

Another service that allows people to buy without queues on Black Friday is Bitrefill. Buying coupons with any cryptocurrency it is possible to access a series of discounts at Amazon, Walmart, Ebay; just with one click.


Source: DiarioBitcoin

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