Venezuelans deported from Mexico will receive economic aid for six months

Venezuelans deported from Mexico will receive $110 for six months upon their return to Venezuela, as a measure by the Mexican government to stop illegal entry into its territory

In order to control the illegal migration of Venezuelans to Mexico, the authorities of this country agreed with Venezuela on the deportation of migrants with an allocation of $110 for six months.

A decision that sets a precedent in the deportation process, since in this case citizens who return to Venezuela from Mexico will have financial aid of $110 for six months.

The measure was adopted by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in view of the increase in illegal migration in 2023 to reach 77.2 %, which represents. This percentage translates into more than 782,000 people, of which 223,000 were from Venezuela, according to statistics from the Government’s Migration Policy Unit.

Regarding the agreement for the return of Venezuelans, Alicia Bárcena, head of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, declared: “We have just signed an agreement with Venezuela, with President Nicolás Maduro, which is called ‘Return to the Homeland’. We are sending Venezuelans back to their country because we really cannot handle these quantities.”

He highlighted that President López Obrador gave the express order that once the migrants return to Venezuela they receive the same support that they had in Mexico “from the Youth Building the Future programs, for professional apprentices, and Sowing Life, for farmers.”

Added to this support are “agreements with the Venezuelan Empresas Polar y Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) to welcome the deportees once they arrive; the same with the Mexican companies Bimbo and Femsa, installed in that country, so that they can receive them as apprentices.”



(Reference image source: @ImpactoVE, X)

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