Bitboost will launch marketplace for cryptocurrencies

The initiative was built using Ethereum's smart contracts, which will allow buyers and sellers to connect directly

The term “Marketplace” is used to refer to an online platform through which purchases and sales of products and services can be made. For its part, blockchain technology has become one of the largest strategies of trade solution of global reach, allowing its participants to do business with each other in a “direct and efficient” way.

For this reason BitBoost, a decentralized business project, has announced the launch of its marketplace, especially aimed at merchants through the use of blockchain technology and cryptoactives.

The initiative will be launched in June, after being built using Ethereum’s smart contracts, which will allow buyers and sellers to connect directly, as well as facilitating online commerce in an economical and private way, with the transparency offered by the blockchain. .

The tool will have an application for mobile devices and a web version, which will be connected to the Ethereum network through the BitBoost protocol and payments on the platform will be made with ETH. To create a “list” users must pay 1 dollar, which must be canceled with the BBT token (cryptoactive of the BitBoost ecosystem). The development team has tried to replicate the look of traditional e-commerce platforms (eCommerce) with an instant product search system.

According to a statement from the company, this would be the first step towards the construction of a profitable market, with the validity and acceptance of the users. The receptivity will be decisive for the bases of the service born in the hands of the clients themselves.

N. Moncada

Source: y medios.

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