BitcoinClean, the ecological cryptocurrency

The objective of the project is that miners can only feed on renewable energy

One of the major problems of cryptocurrencies (not associated with the willingness to invest in them), is pollution. Something that constitutes a disadvantage when it comes to eliminating the negative image that many have of this type of assets.

The mining of cryptocurrencies requires a high electrical consumption, and supposes an energetic cost equivalent to the electricity that consumes all Ireland in a year. 87% of all that energy to mine cryptocurrencies comes from fossil fuels, so they generate high pollution. For this reason “BitcoinClean” was born, the first ecological cryptocurrency that promises not to contaminate.

The principle of it is that miners can only feed on renewable energy. The first BitcoinClean have begun to be mined with equipment that uses solar, wind, hydro, thermal, or biogas. Only miners can be added if new members demonstrate with photos, and a renewable energy bill, that their mining equipment uses this type of clean energy.

Once the tests have been submitted, they must receive 3 to 5 votes from other users who are already in the network. Each user has an impact score, which allows him to contribute from 0 to 5 votes. If any of the new miners turn out to be a fraud, those who supported them lower their impact to 0, and their votes do not count.

Although you can recognize the good intentions of the creators, it seems a bit complicated that once the miner is “accepted” on the network he doesn’t “plug” to a conventional one, generating equal pollution. Even so, the eyes are on the idea and the benefits that, in the long term, these types of projects can bring to society.

N. Moncada

Source: ComputerHoy

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