Argentina opens registration for cryptocurrency service providers

The National Securities Commission (CNV) of Argentina launched the mandatory registration of people and companies that offer services with cryptocurrencies

Companies and individuals in Argentina that offer services with cryptocurrencies must formalize their registration in the mandatory process opened by the country’s National Securities Commission (CNV).

As can be predicted, people and companies in the crypto sector that do not carry out the proper registration will not be able to continue operating on Argentine soil.

In the South American country, the adoption of cryptocurrencies has grown rapidly. Hence, the need to apply the necessary regulations to companies and people immersed in this market.

The statement states: “The purpose of the regulations is to identify the human and legal persons that provide services related to cryptoassets in the country, an activity defined in Article 4 Bis of Law 25,246. Likewise, Recommendation 15 of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is complied with and the recent approval of Law No. 27,739 that reforms Law No. 25,246 on the Prevention of Money Laundering, the Financing of Terrorism and the Proliferation of Massive destruction weapons.”

Likewise, it is stated that the registration applies to “all those who use web pages, social networks or other media, directing their offer and/or advertising to subjects residing in the Argentine Republic, who have a certain volume of operations in the country or who use “any type of technology to locally receive funds from residents therein.”


Source: diariobitcoin

(Reference image source: Kanchanara in Unsplash)

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