Tiny11, the version of Windows 11 for modest computers

Faced with the need to update computers to Windows 11, disabled users will have a reduced version, known as Tiny11

Modest performance computers with no ability to upgrade to Windows 11 now have a stripped-down version called Tiny11.

It is a new option that the demanding Microsoft has just announced to provide an alternative to increase its performance to the owners of computers that cannot upgrade to Windows 11.

Tiny11 is an adapted version, Windows 11 22H2, lighter, with less demands on the user’s equipment, which will only require 8GB of hard disk space compared to the 20GB of the original.

This adaptation allows good performance with 2GBRAM. On the other hand, for the peace of mind of customers, it does not require TPM or Secure Boot. With this measure, it is possible to update Windows 10 to Tiny11.

It is important to note that “it only supplies the necessary components, which include the accessibility tools, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Store, the calculator, Notepad and Paint. Because it doesn’t pre-install Microsoft Edge, it leaves the door open for the user to use the web browser of their choice.”

An important piece of information, beyond being able to download Tiny11 from the Internet Archive, is that unfortunately it is not officially supported by Microsoft, so the user must consider the possible consequences of the installation.


Source: genbeta

(Reference image source: Windows, Unsplash)

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