Apple Music will launch its Apple Music Sing karaoke experience at the end of the month

The technological Apple announced the launch by the end of December of its karaoke mode called Apple Music Sing

Apple Music subscribers will have the new functionality Apple Music Sing, the firm’s karaoke mode, at the end of December.

According to the information released by Apple Music, the feature will be available to all users in the world of iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K. And you will have the option of singing the songs of the selected artist with the original voice or mixing it with other alternatives on the platform.

This means that the user will have the ability to add background vocals to enrich the audio in Apple Music Sing. Also, you can almost completely mute the vocalist while the music continues to play. This will be possible through the Apple Sing button, represented by a microphone with stars.

Another one of the announcements made by Apple refers to the duet view for songs with two voices or artists singing. The devices will show the interpreters on opposite sides of the screen to avoid confusion.

Apple maintains its commitment to offer more and more alternatives and innovations to customers. One of them is the upcoming release of more than 50 playlists of all the popular songs and hymns.


Source: dpa and international media

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