Almost 30,000 Venezuelans in Costa Rica contribute 40 million dollars annually to the treasury

Costa Rica welcomes some 30,000 Venezuelan migrants, who annually contribute 40 million dollars to the national treasury

The “Study of the economic impact of the Venezuelan migrant population in Costa Rica”, with data from 2022, shows that the country welcomes almost 30,000 Venezuelan migrants who contribute 40 million dollars annually to the treasury.

According to the document, “29,906 Venezuelans live in the Central American country, of which 11,000 have managed to regularize their immigration status and 18,405 still remain with an irregular status.”

The data from the report indicate that the fiscal impact of Venezuelan migrants is 40.2 million dollars annually, and that the figure could reach 47.5 million dollars “if the 18,405 people who are found with an irregular immigration status”, with which the return on the investment in immigration management that Costa Rica currently makes would be greater.

It is important to highlight that of the population of Venezuelan migrants in the country, 73.9 % have higher education, “including doctorates and master’s degrees” and 17.1 % have higher technical studies, which contributes to better job performance.


Source: unionradio

(Reference image source: Medienstürmer en Unsplash)

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