National Electoral Council of Venezuela began audit of voting machines

This Monday, April 29, the National Electoral Council of Venezuela announced the start of the audit of the voting machine software for the July 28 elections

The National Electoral Council of Venezuela began this Monday, April 29, the audit of the voting machine software for the presidential elections scheduled for July 28.

This is the first verification, of a total of 16 “that will be carried out throughout the electoral process, its objective is to review the hardware, software and data of the voting machine, which implies the review of the source code, as well as tests on the technological solution, in order to verify its correct operation.”

As is known, it is a routine review focused on verifying key aspects in an electoral process, such as the secrecy of the vote, an invaluable characteristic in any election; biometric authentication of voters; the integrity of the information protection; the encryption of files with keys shared with political organizations and the CNE, in addition to “an exhaustive review of the voting machine components.”

The audit of voting machines must ensure that there is no link between the voter and the vote cast during the process.

On the other hand, you must certify that the software used is correct and that it “adds, assigns, totals and transmits the results correctly; the review of the hardware of the technological solution, the application of execution tests in a controlled environment and the generation of Hashes of the applications and source code.”


Source: laradiodelsur

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