Google Play Store allows the simultaneous update of two applications

The Google Play Store update to version 40.6.31 now allows you to download two applications simultaneously

The recent update of the Google Play Store to version 40.6.31 allows the simultaneous update of two applications, a function that users have undoubtedly been waiting for a long time.

The Apple App Store allows up to three simultaneous downloads, so it is not necessary to wait for one download to finish before the next one starts.

In the case of the Google Play Store, users who already have Android 14, Pixel phones or tablets will be able to download two apps at the same time.

The functionality saves time, provides efficiency and convenience. If the smart device user does not have automatic updating activated, they only have to click on the Google Play Store icon, go to Settings and search for available updates. Once there, you will have the possibility of doing the process in two apps, monitoring the process directly in the store or on the device’s home screen.

Before this update, users had to carry out the process one by one, since when clicking on several applications at once, the one with the least weight and technical requirements was executed, leaving the others pending.


Source: lasexta

(Reference image source: Arkan Perdana en Unsplash)

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