Jagi Caps and KFC join forces to launch new Nuggets

The quality, innovation and creativity that both companies and brands represent are combined in a memorable experience

Jagi Caps, renowned for its innovation in designing premium quality caps, is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with the iconic fast food brand KFC. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone of alliance between the fashion and gastronomy industries in Venezuela.

As part of the launch of the new and delicious KFC Nuggets, Jagi Caps created an exclusive cap for the event. This custom cap is a tribute to the shared passion for quality, innovation and creativity that both companies and brands represent.

The caps designed specifically for this collaboration were given to various artists and influencers, who are recognized for their influence and style on social media, enhanced the experience of the launch event and also highlighted the synergy between fashion and gastronomy.

Additionally, as part of the exciting alliance, Jagi Caps Venezuela and KFC shared a collaborative video on the Instagram platform. This video captures the essence of the collaboration and celebrates the creativity and passion that both brands share with their audience.

“We are delighted to partner with such an iconic brand as KFC for this launch of the new Nuggets,” said the Jagi Caps communications department. «Our personalized caps are a unique way to celebrate and remember. “They add value and add a touch of style to our customers’ experience.”

For their part, attendees and guests at the event expressed their pleasure and expressed: “This collaboration is an opportunity to expand presence in the market and offer those of us who like to eat at KFC an extraordinary and memorable experience. We are happy to have collaborated and shared bringing this innovative collaboration to the public.”

The partnership between Jagi Caps and KFC demonstrates the power of ingenuity and collaboration to create impact across multiple industries. This partnership promises to continue pushing the boundaries and offering unique and exciting experiences to its customers, related to the Colonel Sanders Universe.

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With information and images from Jagi Caps Venezuela and KFC

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