Ágora, the new smart platform for Latin American lawyers

The new tool that lands in Latin America and will monitor the transactions of the main firms in the continent

The new tool Ágora reaches the Latin American continent with special legal content from Latam Legal platform that seeks to expand its services to a news portal for ProfilePlus firms in order to give detailed follow-up to the main transactions in Latin America.

The design is that of a database that allows to know specific figures of operations in which they have advised law firms, with an intuitive and practical image that offers the option to filter by date, amounts of operations, companies involved and – above all – by lawyer involved and / or office.

The system has two languages, Spanish and Portuguese, in order to facilitate the analysis of the region.

All the information presented in the tool has been previously corroborated by an internal team of journalists trained to consult with all the parties involved in each operation.

Through this innovative platform, lawyers will be able to graph and obtain statistics on the industry, an option that will allow them to design business strategies and improve the competitiveness of law firms. It also offers the media specialized in economics and the legal market a consultation of the status of the main companies in the growing region.


Source: lexlatin

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