Uruguay will hold the event LaBITConf 2019

This year, the event will feature the participation of important speakers and members of the blockchain ecosystem worldwide

On December 12 and 13, in Montevideo, will be the venue to hold one of the most prestigious and recognized conferences in the world of cryptocurrencies:  LaBITConf 2019. In this ocassion, different analysts, important speakers and members of the Latin American blockchain ecosystem will dicuss the keys and visions about the current crypto market.

The event that will include more than ten talks at the Radisson Hotel Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel in Montevideo will contain topics such as the evolution of cryptocurrencies, current projects, the future of bitcoin and successful use cases in the region.

More than 80 spokespersons who are currently part of the blockchain ecosystem will be present, providing contributions in different conferences, among which are Andreas Antonopoulos, bitcoin evangelist; Arley Lozano, CEO from Panda Group; Yanislav Malahov, founder of Aeternity; Adam Back, inventor of Hashcash and executive director of Blockstream; David Chaum, executive director of Elixxir.

The female representation in the cryptoactive market has also been noted and in that sense her participation in this gala will be represented by Connie Gallippi, founder of BitGive; Rosine Kadamani, co-founder of the Blockchain Academy and Flori Marquez, co-founder of BlockFi.

Those interested on attending the conference can purchase tickets on the official LaBITConf website. The organization offers a 30% discount promotion for the purchase of two tickets through its website that includes a discount ticket for LaBITConf 2019 + another free for the CryptoNight event in Chile on January 11.


Source: dailybitcoin

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