YouTube will no longer send video recommendations

The entertainment social network announced that as of August 13 it will stop indicating this to its users, via email

YouTube announced that it will stop sending emails to users of its platform as of August 13 to recommend that they watch new videos from channels they are subscribed to.

As acknowledged by Google support in a statement, this decision takes place because only 0.1% of these emails were opened and users reported that they contributed to “overloading” their emails.

YouTube allows among its functions for subscribers the option of being informed with the news of the channels that the user follows, such as new videos, direct and premieres. This information could be received through notifications or by email, depending on the user’s choice.

Even if users have the option to receive emails selected in their settings, YouTube will stop sending them from August 13.

The platform assured its creators that this measure will not reduce the visits of its channels, based on previous tests, and has even defended that notifications about news on mobile devices and in the YouTube feed, which are maintained, achieve a greater impact after deletion of emails.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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