Social responsibility in Venezuela: «Corazones con Voluntad, ecos de transformación»

A book and project designed to expand and transcend towards new horizons and growth opportunities, which links, educates and transforms, focusing on social responsibility, with a national and international vision

For Fundasitio and its founder and mentor, technology entrepreneur and social entrepreneur Rafael Núñez Aponte, being resilient is the positive attitude that invites us to emerge and prevail over all evil. For this reason, the logo of the institution that identifies and accompanies it since its origin, nine years ago, is a representation of the Flor de Loto.

“The opportunity to start over always arises, to blossom towards the light”

No matter how many disturbances exist in social environments, there are invariably favorable moments to see light, to illuminate ourselves in the dark. “We envision and are committed to rebirth and hope, to continue on this generous path of helping, linking, educating, and transforming.”

Rafael Núñez spoke in the key of will, soul and heart about the foundations and protagonists of the SR in Venezuela
Rafael Núñez spoke in the key of will, soul and heart about the foundations and protagonists of the SR in Venezuela


On Friday, April 14, the Fundasitio team baptized and presented the editorial work «Corazones con Voluntad, ecos de transformación», a book that precisely links, educates and transforms, with a focus on social responsibility; reference and collection piece achieved thanks to the accompaniment of Ediciones Kitzalet.

This meeting and blessing, carried out in the spaces of Hacienda La Trinidad – Cultural Park (in Caracas), celebrated the memories and results as well as the triple impact: social, environmental and economic promoted by more than 30 organizations, foundations and social leaders In our country.

The event included the testimony and life story of Guillermo Sfiligoy (GS Metas), a promoter of improvement that multiplies inclusion. An explorer, who, with his resilience and his unprecedented kilometers of life, provides experience to promote and accompany people or companies on their way.

Guillermo Sfiligoy, founder of GS Metas
Guillermo Sfiligoy, founder of GS Metas

Commitment and international vision in support of social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was a prominent protagonist among the topics addressed at the event.

Félix Ríos, sociologist, president of the Opción Venezuela civil association, and member of the local coordination team of Comunidad B Venezuela, motivated in his speech to resolutely promote Corporate Social Responsibility, because hand in hand with it, they advance and are materializing important and effective solutions to different problems or realities.

Félix Ríos, from Opción Venezuela and Community B
Félix Ríos, from Opción Venezuela and Community B


Some of the attendees expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm for this initiative out loud. Evelyn Guiralt, for Venezuela Free of Drugs; Nahylin Guzmán, for Banplus; and Caroline Ruíz, for Buena Voluntad, offered their impressions within the framework of the event.

Rafel Núñez, when sharing with the guests, pointed out that: “Behind the disturbing emotions, there is an enlightened potential that we must turn into actions for the benefit of Humanity. Today I would say, from the Catholic point of view, that in tribulation or in trial there is God and his pristine soul. With this idea as a guide, Fundasitio will always be by the side of its beneficiaries, as an unconditional support, which will help and encourage them to overcome adversity”.

In a general sense, “Hearts with Will”, is associated with the complexities that human beings must face throughout their lives, shows the capacity of non-profit organizations, faces, social leaders and enterprises with a remarkable sense of commitment, that constantly invite you to grow and survive in difficult environments.

Thank you for having a great Heart with Will!

We invite you to enjoy and learn more about this creative and supportive Fundasitio program, designed to expand and transcend towards new horizons and growth opportunities for social responsibility, as well as for people, of course. Let’s watch and enjoy this informative video coverage.


Audiovisual production: Jesús Ramírez

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