Argentina launches guide on cryptocurrencies

The local government presented a series of steps through a document, whose main function is to present conditions of commercialization and use of cryptocurrencies

This week, the Government of Argentina presented a guide whose function is to show a series of “ABC” steps for the use and commercialization of cryptocurrencies in the region.

Under the name of “‘What are cryptocurrencies?“, this text presents the differences between digital assets and other means of payments, among other characteristics.

According to the information collected by various media, this guide also aims to review all the basic concepts and fundamentals about cryptocurrencies, as well as to provide the differences between the different types of digital payments.

“Cryptocurrencies can be used like any other payment method, but their use is not regulated by governments or financial institutions”, indicates part of the text.

In the same document, the government lists the main crypto assets, where to buy them and what are the requirements to do so: bitcoin, ethereum, eos, litecoin, monero, stellar lumens, xrp, neo and iota.

“Cryptocurrencies are validated by people called miners and who are the scribes of the cryptocurrency, when a transaction is recorded, the code of the previous transaction is also recorded. In this way, each new transaction is linked to the next, guaranteeing its security.”

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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