YouTube Music launches changes in its design

In the new design of YouTube Music, more functional and effective visual aspects are appreciated that offer greater practicality to the user

YouTube Music had been applying some changes to the way users create their preference lists. It now includes layout modifications for Android that focus on displaying everything in larger dimensions for viewing comfort of the audience.

A larger album cover is visible, which also applies to the name and number of the track being played. On the other hand, the buttons and free spaces become more visible, to optimize functionality, since the user becomes more intuitive about where each access is.

Another new aspect in the design is that a smaller amount of data appears on the screen. This, without a doubt, makes the experience more practical, since time is not wasted in reviewing as much data as before.

The playback buttons have been placed so that they do not overlap track information, and can be operated with one hand. Additionally, the screen display in rectangular format becomes circular, which is much more practical and saves space.

In the new design everything seems more uniform, everything is in one place, in larger dimensions and with more concise data.


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Source: cincodias

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