YouTube adds custom emoticons to comment on live broadcasts

YouTube Emotes is the new format available on the platform for users to comment during live broadcasts with emoticons

YouTube has announced the implementation of YouTube Emotes, a new format that allows users of the platform to comment during live broadcasts with personalized emoticons, beyond the usual ones.

This Google service has announced that YouTube Emotes help “create a sense of community” and that, initially, it will introduce emoticons created for games, although it is developing more varieties.

YouTube currently allows commenting with both text and emoticons, with the particularity that these are the usual models for any other platform. Among them, the face that cries with laughter, the angry face or the face with sunglasses.

However, with this novelty, users will be able to comment with personalized and exclusive YouTube emoticons. To access them, you must press the icon located in the live video chats, just below the personalized emojis of the channel members.

As YouTube has advanced, these emoticons can appear directly in the text field using the autocomplete function if the name of one of them is typed. For example, currently if you type “smile”, the emoticon of a smiley face appears, as YouTube has commented on its Help page.

Finally, he has indicated that the first emoticons integrated into the YouTube Emotes feature have been created by graphic designers Abelle Hayford, Guy Field and Yujin Won.

Source: dpa and other national and international media

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