Xiaomi launches OLED TVs with 120Hz frequency

The brand announces that it will launch a new range in China and this time focused on customers seeking Premium quality

The Chinese company dedicated to the development of smart technology, Xiaomi, has announced the launch of a new range of Smart TVs, this time focused on customers seeking premium quality at affordable prices.

As announced by the manufacturer, Xiaomi Master Series OLED, it will be an innovation for those who want to invest in maximum quality and trust the brand. It is already included in current televisions but will be implemented with the latest developments in the sector.

Despite the fact that there is no greater knowledge in the details that the televisions will offer, it is known that they will reach 120 Hz, a frequency that promises to transform them into an ideal option for gamers or fans to enjoy movies in their highest quality.

It was also announced that they will have RGB breathing lights that will go in tone with sound and image, according to what was reported by the Xiaomi4Mi news portal. In addition, the models will be more versatile than those sold so far, with Android TV and some extras that are really attractive.

However, it is expected that next Thursday, July 2, the company will provide more details of the electronic device.


Source: computerhoy

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